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    From me to you..

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    Hi Love,
    Wanted to tell you that I didn't have to have chemo today! Seems as if the last set of tests still are giving a straight answer, or matching anything from before. So the doc decided that since the hormones are working on the boobies and lymph system, and I don't have the bone pain that I should be having with the bone cancer - just the arthritis and side effects from the meds - that he wants to wait about 4 more mos , unless things change again, to see what happens. New adventures every day... And I actually managed to lose 6 pounds since last month. So we'll have to wait a bit longer for the new rack.
    How are you doing? My desktop is in the shop for repairs. Hope they can save it and not have to reformat. said it would take 3 days to a week to fix. Cant wait! in the mean time, my lappy is our server at home now for wireless and printer.
    Miss chatting with you. But it should get back to normal soon.
    Had an awesome vacation! Saw Loretto Chapel, the basillica of St Francis of Assisi, and the sanctorium de Chimayo. It was amazing!
    Took lots os pics but have to wait for my pc to get back so i can download them on it and send them to you.
    Love you forever!